2017 spring appeal

now more than ever, help to fund THE FIGHT FOR social justice

Marginalized communities are always in the cross-hairs of corporate avarice and feel the hand of autocratic government most keenly.

Litigation = Resistance

With tyranny on the rise, litigation is once more recognized as resistance, but litigation doesn’t appear out of nowhere...

Updated 6/27/2017

Updated 6/27/2017

It takes training, it takes funding and it takes perseverance. Our grant program (funding the cases that matter), our training services (conference, training institute, webinars and ListServe), and our issue advocacy – boldly leading the opposition of more than a hundred civil rights organizations to oppose H.R. 985 hang together as a beautiful safety net to advance social justice.

Thank you for understanding that.

Your contribution will help us to continue advancing economic, environmental, racial, and social justice, positively impacting lives and communities across the nation.

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Your monthly contribution will allow us to sustain these programs, promising access to justice for those experiencing everything from civil rights abuses, to racial discrimination, to wage theft, to a toxic water supply.

By becoming a member of the Impact Fund Social Justice League, you’ll join a special community of kindred spirits, committed to sustaining Impact Fund services and programs that continue to advance economic, environmental, racial, and social justice.