Apply for a Grant

Find out how to apply for a grant to fund impact litigation that advances economic, environmental and social justice

Image showing the stages of a grant's lifecycle: Register, Letter of Inquiry, Application, Review, Funding, Services, Reporting, and Repayment

Register as an applicant at our Grant Portal (using the button at the bottom of this page).
Complete the eligibility questionnaire to ensure a fit with our grant criteria.
NOTE: Allow two business days for your registration to be activated.

Letter of Inquiry

Complete a letter of inquiry (LOI) through our Grant Portal.
Download questions here for help in planning.
Submit the LOI for consideration in quarterly review cycles (see deadlines below).


If invited, complete a full application through our Grant Portal.
Download questions and our optional budget template for help in planning.
Submit the application in advance of the due date.


Respond to any questions we may have about your request.
Discuss your case with a member of our review committee.
Await outcome of quarterly review.


Sign mailed grant agreement and await funding!


Access the other services we offer: pro-bono consulting and referral services, promotional support via social media, class action training, annual class action conference, webinars, online support network, and amicus brief support.


Complete annual status reports via our Grant Portal.
Send us informal case updates or links to media via email at any time.
Contact us when your case concludes and submit a final report.


Pay it forward by repaying your grant with interest if you recover costs/fees on your case.
No need to repay if costs/fees are not recovered.
The cycle begins again!



The Impact Fund reviews grant requests four times per year. You may start the process and submit an LOI at any time. Deadlines for our current and upcoming funding cycles are below:

winter 2017

LOIs due                      October 10, 2017
Applications due           November 7, 2017
Notifications                mid-December


LOIs due                      January 9, 2018
Applications due           February 6, 2018
Notifications                mid-March


LOIs due                      April 10, 2018
Applications due           May 8, 2018
Notifications                mid-June

FALL 2018

LOIs due                      July 10, 2018
Applications due           August 7, 2018
Notifications                mid-September

winter 2018

LOIs due                      October 9, 2018
Applications due           November 6, 2018
Notifications                mid-December


All questions regarding grants should be emailed to the Impact Fund's Grant Program Administrator, Amy Daniewicz. Amy can also be reached at (510) 845-3473 x310.