List of RECENT Grantees

We provide grants in the three areas of Social Justice (Human & Civil Rights), Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice (Anti-Poverty).  

Grant Area: Social Justice (Human & Civil Rights)

Doe v. State of Ohio Grantee: Disability Rights Ohio, Amount: $10,000 Supplemental request for class action case challenging the lack of services and supports for Ohio students with disabilities.

Davis v. Baldwin Grantee: Uptown People’s Law Center, Amount: $12,500 Class action case challenging the excessive use of solitary confinement in Illinois prisons.

Planned Parenthood v. Promesa Behavioral Health Grantee: National Center for Youth Law, Amount: $17,500 Impact case on behalf of Planned Parenthood and foster youth to defend health and privacy rights.

Bell v. City of Boise Grantee: National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, Amount: $5,000 Case alleging abuse of constitutional rights of homeless people by the City of Boise, Idaho.

Arndt v. City of Colorado Springs Grantee: Cornish & Dell’Olio, Amount: $30,000 Class action on behalf of female police officers against the City of Colorado Springs for sexual-discrimination disparate impact and intentional discrimination arising from discriminatory physical abilities testing.

R.V. v. Livers Grantee: Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana Amount: $9,500 Case on behalf of incarcerated children denied access to counsel.

Community House Inc. v. City of Boise Grantee: Idaho Legal Aid Services, Amount: $5,000 Challenge to transfer of homeless shelter to religious ministry, subsequent exclusion of women and children from shelter, and requirement that men participate in religious activities.

S.H. v. Strickrath Grantee: Children's Law Center, Amount: $5,000 Case against unconstitutional conditions in youth correctional facilities.

Silva, et al v. Radar Vista, LLC Grantee: Columbia Legal Services, Amount: $10,000 Class action against owners of a mobile park in Washington on behalf of immigrant families.

Johnson v. Shaffer Grantee: UnCommon Law, Amount: $10,000 Challenge to California state parole board’s practice of biased evaluations and protocol.

A.R. v. Dudek Grantee: Law Office of Matthew W. Dietz, Amount: $10,000 Class action against State of Florida Healthcare Administration to release 250 children from nursing homes.

Grant Area: Environmental Justice

Kekaualua v. Hawai‘i Board of Land and Natural Resources Grantee: Law Office of Lance D. Collins, Amount: $3,500 Case challenging Hawaii's practice of leasing state lands near low-income and Native Hawaiian communities to Syngenta, a global chemical corporation researching pesticides and genetically engineered seeds.

Juliana v. United States Grantee: Our Children's Trust, Amount: $15,000   Climate recovery case brought by 21 diverse youth plaintiffs, against the Federal Government, for violation of constitutional and public trust rights resulting from the aggregate actions of the federal government facilitating fossil fuel development.

Wishtoyo Foundation v. United Water Conservation District Grantee: Wishtoyo Foundation, Amount: $20,000 Native American rights and environmental justice case to protect and restore the Santa Clara River on behalf of the Chumash Peoples and other marginalized communities in Ventura County.

Gasp v. BOH Grantee: Gasp, Amount: $5,000 Environmental racism case fighting toxic coal emissions in a low-income, African-American community in Alabama.

Case against Rei Corporation Grantee: Eastern Environmental Law Center, Amount: $12,000 Claims for damages related to groundwater and air contamination in the Ironbound neighborhood, a predominantly low-income community.

In Support of No Coal! November Ballot Initiative Grantee: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Amount: $2,500 Support for litigation for November 2012 ballot initiative banning massive coal train shipments in Bellingham, WA.

CFE v. PSEG Power Connecticut Grantee: Connecticut Fund for Environment, Amount: $9,000 Seeking declaration Bridgeport Harbor Station is in violation of the Clean Air Act.

Sierra Club and Center for Environmental Law & Policy v. United States Environmental Protection Agency Grantee: Columbia Institute for Water Policy, Amount: $8,000 Clean Water Act litigation to implement standards to protect Native American fish consumers.

Citizens Coal Council v. Emerald Coal Resources Grantee: Citizens Coal Council, Amount:  $10,000 Claim against Emerald Coast Resources in Pennsylvania for extensive pollution violations.

CHASE v. DeKalb County, GA Grantee: Citizens for a Healthy & Safe Environment, Amount:  $4,500 Lawsuit to stop the building of a solid waste handling facility in a low-income neighborhood.


Grant Area: Economic Justice (Anti-Poverty)

D.C. Appleseed v. D.C. Department of Insurance Securities, and Banking Grantee: DC Appleseed, Amount: $7,500 Consumer protection case to ensure that the Washington, DC, Blue Cross Blue Shield provider fulfills its obligations as a nonprofit and invests its excess surplus of $500 million to address the local community health needs.

Challenging ESCOs in New York Grantee: Public Utility Law Project of New York, Amount: $10,000 Case to prevent the deregulation and privatization of the public utility market in New York, which has resulted in deceptive and predatory practices targeting low-and fixed-income customers.

Amireh v. Northwest Hospital & Medical Center Grantee: Columbia Legal Services, Amount: $10,000 Class action lawsuit against a hospital for failing to affirmatively screen patients to identify who qualifies for free or discounted hospital service under Washington's Charity Care Act before demanding payment and sending them to collection.

Lambert v. Alexander County Housing Authority Grantee: Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, Amount: $17,000 Class action lawsuit brought against the Alexander County Housing Authority for intentionally segregating public housing by race and failing to maintain its predominately African-American developments over the last decade.

CPU and Residential Rate Structures Grantee: Center for Accessible Technology, Amount: $7,500 Challenge to proposed changes in low-cost electrical rate programs for people with low incomes and disabilities.

Amanda D. v. Hassan Grantee: Disability Rights Center, Inc. Amount: $5,000 Case to redress violations of rights of individuals with mental illness in New Hampshire.

Maternal and ChildHealth Access v. Department of Health Services Grantee: Western Center on Law and Poverty, Amount: $5,000 Case regarding CA Dept. of Health Care Services failure to comply with writ requiring specific Medi-Cal screening.

CPU and Residential Rate Structures Grantee:  Center for Accessible Technology, Amount:  $7,500 Challenge to proposed changes in low-cost electrical rate programs for people with low incomes and disabilities.