List of RECENT Grantees

We provide grants in the three areas of Social Justice (Human & Civil Rights), Environmental Justice, and Economic Justice (Anti-Poverty).  

Grant Area: Social Justice (Human & Civil Rights)

R.V. v. Livers Grantee:Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana Amount: $9,500 Case on behalf of incarcerated children denied access to counsel.

Case to be Filed Grantee: Public Counsel Amount: $3,000 Case to ensure State of CA obligation to ensure delivery of equal education to every child.

Aristy-Farer v. State of New York Grantee: Michael A. Rebell Amount: $3,000 Challenge to State of NY penalty regarding teacher evaluation system.

Community House Inc. v. City of Boise Grantee: Idaho Legal Aid Services Amount: $5,000 Challenge to transfer of homeless shelter to religious ministry, subsequent exclusion of women and children from shelter, and requirement that men participate in religious activities.

S.H. v. Strickrath Grantee: Northern Kentucky Children’s Law Center Inc. Amount: $5,000 Case against unconstitutional conditions in youth correctional facilities.

Silva, et al v. Radar Vista, LLC Grantee: Columbia Legal Services Amount: $10,000 Class action against owners of a mobile park in Washington on behalf of immigrant families.

Lane v. Kitzhaber Grantee: Disability Rights Oregon Amount: $10,000 Challenge to segregated support employment services.

Johnson v. Shaffer Grantee: UnCommon Law Amount: $10,000 Challenge to California state parole board’s practice of biased evaluations and protocol.

A.R. v. Dudek Grantee: Law Office of Matthew W. Dietz Amount: $10,000 Class action against State of Florida Healthcare Administration to release 250 children from nursing homes.

Case to be filed Grantee: South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center Amount: $5,000 Class action complaint on behalf of students with disabilities and behavioral challenges subjected to repeated disciplinary removals from classes.


Grant Area: Environmental Justice

In Support of No Coal! November Ballot Initiative Grantee: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Amount: $2,500 Support for litigation for November 2012 ballot initiative banning massive coal train shipments in Bellingham, WA.

CFE v. PSEG Power Connecticut Grantee: Connecticut Fund for Environment Amount: $9,000 Seeking declaration Bridgeport Harbor Station is in violation of the Clean Air Act.

Sierra club and Center for Environmental Law & Policy v. United States Environmental Protection Agency Grantee: Columbia Institute for Water Policy Amount:  $8,000 Clean Water Act litigation to implement standards to protect Native American fish consumers.

Citizens Coal Council v. Emerald Coal Resources Grantee:  Citizens Coal Council Amount:  $10,000 Claim against Emerald Coast Resources in Pennsylvania for extensive pollutionviolations.

CHASE v. DeKalb County, GA Grantee:  Citizens for a Healthy & Safe Environment Amount:  $4,500 Lawsuit to stop the building of a solid waste handling facility in a low-income neighborhood.


Grant Area: Economic Justice (Anti-Poverty)

Amanda D. v. Hassan Grantee: Disability Rights Center, Inc. Amount: $5,000 Case to redress violations of rights of individuals with mental illness in New Hampshire.

Maternal and ChildHealth Access v. Department of Health Services Grantee: Western Center on Law and Poverty Amount: $5,000 Case regarding CA Dept. of Health Care Services failure to comply with writ requiring specific Medi-Cal screening.

CPU and Residential Rate Structures Grantee:  Center for Accessible Technology Award:  $7,500 Challenge to proposed changes in low-cost electrical rate programs for people with low incomes and disabilities.