Grant Area: Poverty


We provide grant funds and legal support to poverty cases to improve legal rights and promote social justice for the impoverished.

Jones v. Travelers Insurance of America
Grantee:  Brancart & Brancart
Amount:  $20,000
California landlords and local housing agency suing Travelers for dropping the landlords’ coverage when Travelers discovered that the landlords rent to Section 8 tenants.

Amanda D. v. Hassan
Grantee:  Disability Rights Center, Inc.
Amount: $5,000
Case to redress violations of rights of individuals with mental illness in New Hampshire.

Maternal and ChildHealth Access v. Department of Health Services
Grantee:  Western Center on Law and Poverty
Amount: $5,000
Case regarding CA Department of Health Care Services failure to comply with writ requiring specific Medi-Cal screening.

CPU and Residential Rate Structures
Grantee:  Center for Accessible Technology
Amount:  $7,500
Challenge to proposed changes in low-cost electrical rate programs for people with low incomes and disabilities.