SOCIAL JUSTICE for Human & Civil Rights

Impact fund provides grants and legal support to assist in human and civil rights cases.  we have helped to change dozens of laws and win class action cases to improve the legal rights of thousands.  we need your help to make an even bigger change.

Social Justice Cases Funded

Matthews v. Williams Grantee:   Children's Law Center Amount: $10,000 Class action case on behalf of Ohio youth being arrested and detained without probable cause.

To be filed Grantee:   Disability Law Center Amount: $15,000 Class action case to ensure Utah is providing services to people with intellectual disabilities in the most integrated setting possible.

Johnson v. City of Berkeley Grantee:   National Lawyers Guild, S.F. Bay Area Chapter Amount: $20,000 Class action case on behalf of protestors at December 2014 #blacklivesmatter demonstrations.

To be filed Grantee:   Native American Rights Fund Amount: $20,000 Case to protect Native American rights.

Williams v. Beemiller Grantee:   Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence Amount: $10,000 Litigation against "bad apple" gun dealer, distributer, and manufacturer.

Bell v. City of Boise Grantee:   National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty Amount: $5,000 Seeking to overturn anti-camping ordinance, which punishes homeless people who sleep outdoors, even on nights when there are no shelter beds available.

Brown v. In-N-Out Burgers Grantee:   Tidrick Law Firm Amount: $15,000 Employment discrimination case on behalf of those who have been discouraged from applying or denied employment based on their race, color, or age.

State Correctional Institution Fayette Grantee:   Abolitionist Law Center Amount: $10,000 Class action against the SCIF for prisoners living in toxic conditions and violations of the 8th Amendment.

Hollywood Circle v. Alexander and City of Hollywood Grantee:   Legal Aid Services of Broward County, Inc. Amount: $10,000 Seeking mandatory relocation assistance for two hundred households unlawfully displaced by the city of Hollywood, Florida, in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Puente Arizona v. Arpaio Grantee:   UC Irvine School of Law Amount: $10,000 Challenging workplace immigration raids conducted by the Mariposa County Sheriff, arresting vulnerable immigrant workers at Arizona businesses.

Gamas v. Scott Farms Grantee:   North Carolina Justice Center Amount: $10,000 Class action helping hundreds of migrant farm workers in eastern North Carolina recover unpaid minimum wage and overtime pay.

To be filed Grantee: Texas Fair Defense Project Amount: $5,250 Challenging the illegal assessment of costs against indigent criminal defendants by Lamar County, Texas, in an attempt to recover funds spent to provide appointed counsel.

Doe v. JD Home Rentals Grantee:  Tenants Together Amount: $9,000 Class action on behalf of thousands of tenants living in grossly substandard housing in Fresno, CA.

Angola Hospital Litigation Grantee:  Advocacy Center Amount: $15,000 Potential class action to address hundreds of complaints from prisoners with serious medical problems going without treatment in the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Flores v. US Department of Homeland Security Grantee:  Americans for Immigrant Justice Amount: $15,000 Federal tort claims action to stop usage of "iceboxes" by CBP in Brownsville, Texas.

R.V. v. Livers Grantee:  Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana Amount: $9,500 Case on behalf of incarcerated children denied access to counsel.

Cruz v. California Grantee:  Public Counsel Amount: $3,000 Case to ensure state of CA obligation to deliver equal education opportunity to every child.

Aristy-Farer v. State of New York Grantee: Michael A. Rebell Amount: $3,000 Challenge to state of NY penalty regarding teacher evaluation system.

Community House Inc. v. City of Boise Grantee: Idaho Legal Aid Services Amount: $5,000 Challenge to transfer of homeless shelter to religious ministry, subsequent exclusion of women and children from shelter, and requirement that men participate in religious activities.

S.H. v. Strickrath Grantee: Northern Kentucky Children’s Law Center Inc. Amount: $5,000 Case against unconstitutional conditions in youth correctional facilities.

Silva, et al v. Radar Vista, LLC Grantee:  Columbia Legal Services Amount:  $10,000 Class action against owners of a mobile park in Washington on behalf of immigrant families.

Lane v. Kitzhaber Grantee:  Disability Rights Oregon Amount:  $10,000 Challenge to segregated support employment services.

Johnson v. Shaffer Grantee:  UnCommon Law Amount:  $10,000 Challenge to California state parole board’s practice of biased evaluations and protocol. A.R. v. Dudek Grantee:  Law Office of Matthew W. Dietz Amount:  $10,000 Class action against State of Florida Healthcare Administration to release 250 children from nursing homes.

To be filed Grantee:  South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center Amount:  $5,000 Class action complaint on behalf of students with disabilities and behavioral challenges subjected to repeated disciplinary removals from classes.


make a difference, help us to change the laws to protect human and civil rights.