fight for legal change to benefit everyone

we provides grants and support to cases Advancing ECONOMic, Environmental & social justice 

Who we are:

  • The Impact Fund is a passionate group of legal experts supporting cases that positively impact the day-to-day lives of marginalized communities.  

What we do:

  • We’ve provided $5.7 million in grants to advance public interest litigation that benefits large numbers of people, leads to significant law reform and raises public consciousness.
  • We've trained the next generation of social justice warriors.
  • We've taken corporate America to court, fighting for worker's rights, civil rights, and social justice.  By winning these landmark cases we are able to establish a legal precedent for the future.

Landmark Cases

  • Ellis v. Costco Wholesale Corp. - Fighting for women's rights.  After years of legal battles, the court certified the case as a nationwide class action, finding that Costco had shown significant company-wide discrimination of women.

  • Estrada v. Bashas’ Inc. - Fighting for equal pay for hispanic workers.  After over a decade of litigation, the district court granted our motion for class certification, permitting over 12,000 Bashas' workers to challenge pay inequity.

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