Legal support for Environmental Justice


The Impact Fund's mission is to provide grants, advocacy and education to support impact litigation for environmental justice

By supporting impact litigation we are able to help improve and add legal protection of the environment.  This has a larger effect on preventing corporate harm to air, water and land than traditional environmental protection efforts because it targets the cause of the issue.  Be have successfully aided a number of cases to improve environmental law and with your support we hope to do even more.

The cases we are funding are to stop:
• Proposed mining in the Superior National Forest that would contaminate groundwater, damage wetlands, and destroy the local Native American wild-rice economy.
• Unwanted development, after a community garden in New York was bulldozed in the middle of the night.
• Pollution from a lighter fluid factory in New Jersey that is causing illness to residents in a low-income neighborhood.
• Clear-cut logging that is threatening the health and livelihood of the local indigenous community in Ontario.
• Spraying pesticides at will in California.
• A new highway bridge that is the latest in a long history of environmental hazards heaped upon an
African American and Latino neighborhood in Corpus Christi, severing it from the rest of the city.

Environmental Justice Cases Funded

Environmental Health Coalition v. Maland Grantee: Coast Law Group Amount: $10,000 Case to prohibit continued discriminatory zoning in Barrio Logan, a historic Hispanic neighborhood.

CFE v. PSEG Power Connecticut Grantee: Connecticut Fund for Environment Amount: $9,000 Seeking declaration Bridgeport Harbor Station is in violation of the Clean Air Act.

In Support of No Coal! November Ballot Initiative Grantee: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund Amount: $2,500 Support for litigation for November 2012 ballot initiative banning massive coal train shipments in Bellingham, WA.

Sierra club and Center for Environmental Law & Policy v. United States Environmental Protection Agency Grantee: Columbia Institute for Water Policy Amount: $8,000 Clean Water Act litigation to implement standards to protect Native American fish consumers.

Citizens Coal Council v. Emerald Coal Resources Grantee: Citizens Coal Council Amount: $10,000 Claim against Emerald Coast Resources in Pennsylvania for extensive pollution violations.

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