1. Background

The Impact Fund has created the Class Action Hall of Fame to honor the courage and sacrifice of lead plaintiffs whose commitment and determination has led to significant advances in economic, environmental, racial and social justice.

2. Categories

There are two:

  • Lead Plaintiff of the Year (can be a team) - cases must be closed/settled within the last three years.
  • Lead Plaintiff Legacy (can be a team) - cases closed/settled more than three years ago.


  • Must be a Lead Plaintiff in a class action
  • The issue and impact of the case must fall under one or more of these categories:Class Actions advancing economic, environmental, racial or social justice.
  • The legal issue and the impact categorized above, must be described in further detail.
  • Nominations may be from anyone, including self-nomination.
  • The heroism and sacrifice of the nominee must be described.
  • The nominator should consider the effect (if any) of selection on any future litigation in which the nominee may be involved.

4. Selection

A screening committee consisting of the Impact Fund Executive Director and other Impact Fund staff will create a shortlist of 3-4 nominees in each category.

The winners will be selected annually by vote of the Impact Fund Grant Advisory Committee at its December meeting.

5. Timeline (September through February of the following year)

  • Open nominations: September
  • Close nominations: October 31
  • Finalists selected: November
  • Inductees selected: December
  • Winners announced, honored and inducted into the Impact Fund Class Action Hall of Fame in February at the annual Impact Fund Class Action Conference.

6. Initial Slate of Inductees (2017 only)

The Grant Advisory Committee of the Impact Fund will (in addition to the two winners selected in accordance with the procedure above) induct an initial slate of honorees in January 2017. That slate will be proposed by the Impact Fund Grant Policy Committee and voted upon at the December meeting of the Grant Advisory Committee.

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