Join us in the fight for social justice with a monthly donation

I always wanted to help, but never seemed to have the available funds at year-end to donate what I thought was enough. I now understand that my affordable monthly gift, over time, can have a long-lasting and steady impact that makes a difference in the fight for justice
— Janet Clegg

When it comes to resources for charitable work, we all know there will be years of plenty and years of scarcity. At the Impact Fund, leaner times mean a reduction in the number of grants and scholarships we are able to make.

Your monthly contribution will allow us to sustain these programs, promising access to justice for those experiencing everything from civil rights abuses, to racial discrimination, to wage theft, to a toxic water supply.

By becoming a member of the Impact Fund Social Justice League, you’ll join a special community of kindred spirits, committed to sustaining Impact Fund services and programs that continue to advance economic, environmental, racial, and social justice.


Consider what your monthly gift can accomplish...

Bronze Level – $5 to $19. A suggested donation of $14 per month will pay the court filing fee in a case challenging abuses in a state’s broken foster care system, or pay for fifteen non-profit attendees at our summer webinar series.

Silver Level – $20 to $34. A suggested donation of $27 per month will pay for a deposition translator - allowing an immigrant worker to provide testimony in her native tongue, or will pay for two scholarships for nonprofit attorneys to attend our annual two-day Class Action Conference. 

Gold Level – $35 to $83. A suggested donation of $50 per month will pay to help gather vital scientific evidence of contaminated water, or pay for a scholarship to our Training Institute for someone new to the law looking to join the movement of class action advocates.

Titanium Level - $84 or more. A donation of $84 per month will pay to get an expert out into the field to gather vital evidence, or pay for underwriting an entire webinar for law students.

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Yes, sign me up! As a Social Justice League Member we will send you a flash drive wallet card and periodic updates on the cases we’re supporting.

I support the Impact Fund because its commitment to justice and equality for those who are marginalized in our society spans the complete spectrum of economic, environmental, racial, and social justice.
— Sheila Thomas